We spend all year carefully tending to 7 different species of evergreen trees primarily for our choose and cut season before Christmas. We will also hand pick and “dig” a select number of trees to be sold as landscaping for after Santa’s visit.  

We often get asked what the difference is between the types of Christmas trees.  Below you will find a picture and short description of each one our species to help you decide which one to take home with you this year. 

Fraser Fir

Abies fraseri

Soft, short, shiny, dark green needles with silver/blue on the underside

Known for good needle retention with strong branches for ornaments

Thrives with cool, moist, and well drained soil

Does not require full sun

Sometimes misspelled Frasier Fir

Douglas Fir

Pseudotsuga menziesii

Short, soft, green needles

Full and dense tree

Popular Christmas Tree with good needle retention

Thrives in moist and well drained soil

Norway Spruce

Picea abies

Fast Growing

Dense, dark green, short and sturdy needles

Strong branches make for an ideal windbreaker

Attractive ornamental with graceful, drooping branches as it matures

Thrives in average soil conditions

Moisture in the soil enhances the dark green color

White Pine

Pinus strobus

Fast Growing

Five needled pine with long, soft, light green needles

Grows in all soil types (rocky, wet or normal)

Natural windbreaker or screening tree for landscaping

Blue Spruce

Picea pungens glauca

Stiff needles with blue/green color

Sturdy branches make for an ideal landscaping tree

Grows best in ordinary soil

Canaan Fir

Abies balsamea var phanerolepis

Deep green to blue needles with hints of silver on the underside

Often mistaken for Fraser or Balsam Fir

Also known as West Virginia Balsam Fir, originating from Canaan Valley, W.V.

Able to grow in areas that other Firs cannot

Thrives in well drained and moist soils

Breaks bud later than most and survives frost better

Concolor Fir

Abies concolor

Soft, silvery blue needles

Slight aroma of citrus when needles are broken open

One of the best firs regarding needle retention

Easy to care for with drought resistance 

Grows best in full sun and well drained soil